Parenting object to circle around it - don't rotate

I have a Empty -> Plain Axis in the middle of the animation. I have a sphere at x=0, y=8, z=0 and I have set it’s parent to the empty axis in the middle. When I press play, it rotates around it which is good. But the problem is that it has always the same part facing the plain axis.

In the following image the left one is what happens. When the sphere moves around the plain axis, it rotates to always face it the same way. The right one is what I want: the object only moves and doesn’t try to face the center the same way.

What to do to achieve the situation on the right?



Upload your blend file to and tell us the download link. It’s much easier than trying to figure out what you’re trying to say

add a limit rotation constraint to the sphere. see attached images.

Thanks atartanian!

The animation I’m building is the Earth rotating around the Sun and I also have the Moon rotating the Earth sphere. With that I can set the Earth’s imagined axis (it’s a cylinder) not rotating, but because the Earth should spin around it’s own axis, this doesn’t work with it.