parenting object with bones to empty

I put a rig in my character and want my camera to follow the action, how do I make the camera follow the action? If I have to use an empty how to I parent the empty to my rig so that the camera tracks the empty along with the character? I tried to parent the rig with the empty but it does not work.

Hey lonewolf03. You can parent an empty to a rig or bone by going into pose mode and then parenting the empty to that particular bone. And then parenting the camera to the empty. Another thing I would try is using the child of constraint on the camera and selecting the armature and bone that you want it to follow along with :slight_smile: Hope that helps

Mania, I am using make human bones and I still can not parent an empty to a bone by using ctrl P to object. You think it is Make human bones that is stopping me from parenting a bone or a mesh?