Parenting objects & curves as source for boids/particles?

Hi, I’ve been searching, and trying, and “thinking” I’m being creative with this, but unable to make it work. Maybe it doesn’t. Or can’t. Perhaps a workaround? Forgive noobosity please!

Scenario: Object with hair particles, to be used as source of render object for boid system. I want to attach objects to it, in this case comprised of nurb path or a curve, beveled, and I do NOT want the hair to be on these. (otherwise I’d model these tails as separate and join them) especially since I want to make different motion on the tails.

Parenting works fine as long as I move the object itself. But if I play the boid system (the boid system is pointing to a collection, wherein this parent object and its offspring are held, along with other objects)the tails are removed from the object, and operate as independent objects within the boid collection.

I might be “doing it wrong” … thanks for any corrective action.


Might have found my answer last night, and am posting here in case A) it is correct, and in case B) Someone else needs the info.

Yes, it seems possible to do. Important to check the “Whole Collection” box when selecting “Collection”. How I missed that I dunno. But it seems to work. Will report back if I find another detail to its use.