Parenting objects with particle systems

I just started doing modeling after a long break, and I was never a pro to begin with, so I think I’ll need help there.

I modeled a character head and tried to compromise between render speed and realism, so I made the hair with one textured object creating the mass of it, and a lightweight particle system to give it fuzzyness (50 hair + 10 children) without being actually long to render.
One problem I’ve met then was parenting it to the head or the head’s bone. The emitter object behaves as expected, but the particle system has been claiming its independence in pose mode. If I parent the hair object to the head object, the particles move twice as far as the other objects. If I parent it to the head bone, it stays in place while its emitter moves around.
I don’t recall seeing a mention of a problem like this in documentation, what could be causing it?
I can go take screenshots if my description is unclear.

Thank you.