Parenting pole targets, hands, and feet to master bone?


I’m a noob to rigging. I found a great resource to learn how to use IK constraints and pole targets here:

My question is: How do I rig so that the feet, hands and pole targets move with the master bone in pose mode?

Also, Why is l_foot shrinking?

see attached blend fileCharacter Step 8 Armature vertex groups assigned arms and legs.blend (1.33 MB)

I’m not finished with the vertex groups yet.

Thanks for the help!

Looked at this file last night, but didn’t respond as I was busy. I see no problem with l-foot shrinking. What I did see was a major problem between the left and right side. The left and right sides of the armature don’t match in edit mode and they should, sure you have posed them to be really close, but that’s not the same. It also appears that you are weight painting it yourself, which is a good thing, but I think you are doing it manually and not taking advantage of blender’s tools to help you out. Blender can mirror your weight painting from one side to the other, so you only need to weight paint one side of the mesh…

If you are still working on this, post up your most recent file, and I’ll give you a few tips to save time and fix it up… As to the question of where to parent the bones you’re asking about, we’ll discuss that too…



Thanks for the help. I’m a high school art teacher, trying to pass on to my students what they desperately want to learn. I did parent the armature to the mesh, with automatic weights. I got an error and I assigned vertex groups to bones. I’d love to know how to weight paint in a mirror method!

Here is my rig with pole targets. I like the way I can lower the master bone and the knees bend. In a later version, you’ve already seen, I parented all of the pole targets to the master bone. I lost that great compression effect.

I’d like to have both the compression effect and have the poles move with the master.


Character Step 7 Armature arms and legs with pole targets.blend (1.15 MB)

What are you trying to teach your students? I’m curious and knowing what you are doing may help me to help you better…

I looked at the ‘character step 7…’ file and other than weight painting, I don’t see much difference between it and ‘character step 8…’ file. Both rigs (armatures) behave the same, as far as I can see. I found a few things wrong and I corrected everything I saw wrong with the rig. I documented what I did & how I did it in a text file within the blender file. To view this, just switch any window to a text editor window.

To be honest, there are quite a few more things I’d like to fix, (the left arm and right arm aren’t the same), and there is this error (circled in yellow) in the mesh:

Both the above error and the arm issue is easily fixed and would take me a few minutes to correct. Truth is it took me longer to write what I did already, than to actually do it.

So yea, I’d like to know what you are teaching the students, so I know best how to correct things and describe what I am doing and how I am doing it. I’ll be more than happy to correct the 2 problems mentioned and then describe weight painting to you, but it may be a day or two before I can do that…



Character Step 7.blend (1.12 MB)