Parenting: possible to parent only Location? (not rotation)

HI guys, I am trying to achieve the effect of a skybox in blender, like in a 3D game, a skybox would move the same as a camera, but NOT rotate so that the camera can turn and rotate and look around the skybox. Is this possible with parenting?

It’s possible without parenting with Copy Location Constraint.

Can you advise what that is? I’ve never heard of it.

Objects may have one or many constraints which, well, constrain various object properties to pre-defined values (or sources). Select an object, and in the Properties panel, right next to object tab, you’ll see Constraints tab (looks like a chain link). There you can add different constraints. With Copy Location constraint you basically select an object from which to copy location (in your case it’ll be camera). You can also select which axii to copy and coordinate space. Explore different constraints, they’re fun :slight_smile:

What if I don’t want to copy the location?

I just want to move both at the same time in relation to their default origin points, but I don’t want to rotate the object in relation to the parent when I rotate the parent, I want the parent to rotate on its own.

you could add an empty parent the 2 objects to the parent
so each object can be change in loc and rot
but when you use the empty then object will follow the empty in loc and rot

happy bl