parenting problem

I had this problem many times, while working with my models, in the game engine, and sad to say, I couldn’t figure out a solution to this problem. You might have had this problem, but now, I want to nip this in the butt. I have a cannon, which is currently, a work in progress, which reveals the parenting problem. I hope u can help.


cannon.blend (147 KB)

Strange bug… maybe you can use motion in stead off this ipo.

Yeah, I got rid of the ipo movement. So I have another version of it, but using motion instead. Also, which type of constraint would I be able to use for the turret movement.


cannon.blend1.blend (146 KB)

Raptorman, the problem was related to object scale. When you parent one object to another, the scale factor of the parent object affects the child object transformations.

The IPO version works fine if you:

  • select the turret
  • clear parenting and keep transformation (Alt+P)
  • apply scale only to obdata (Ctrl + A)
  • select gun
  • apply scale only to obdata (Ctrl + A)
  • select turret and gun
  • parent (Ctrl + P)

A fixed version is attached.


cannon-fixed.blend (40.9 KB)