Parenting problem

I want to move some meshes into one transform-node, because i want to move/rotate/scale them together. Over the tree-view its not possible.

I use an empty as parent (Transform-Node) and have to Ctrl+p them all the time.

But the problem is, that i have already parented some of them together. I know i can click the correct parent-node but this is so confusing when the hierarchy is more complicated.

If i select all and make parenting i loose all my objects that i have connected before.

Furthermore i have the strange behavior that all meshes moves in different direction, when i select all and try to move them.

I know that Blender has problems with parenting usability. Are there scripts or other things how can i organize the meshes better.

With blender its a disaster to manage all the hierarchies. Strange behavior and strange overview to handle it.

It bothers me a lot.

How can i contact the developers of Blender? I could implement a drag’n drop system for the tree-view in Blender. It would be nice for everyone!

What do you want above the current drag and drop parenting in the outliner.

Post a link to an example blend file to clearly demonstrate what you want. It’s not clear just by a wordy post

How can i contact the developers of Blender?

Regarding moving in different directions…are you moving in local space perhaps? If their local axis are all pointing different directions I think this is the result.

yeah this can be the problem, but sometimes there are problems with the “kudelmudel” in parenting objects, that leads to undefined behavior of the objects.