Parenting problems

I’m currently building a rig (nearly finished) but I’m having some odd problems. When I parent the upper leg bone to the hip bone, the leg then points in some completely strange angle. All I want is for it to stay where it is, but when the hip moves the upper leg will follow, I don’t know why it points somewhere else. Any ideas?

its probaly a problem with ik chains. is it on?

I’m not sure what you mean. I have an IK chain on the leg to the ankle, all I did with the upper leg was to parent it to the hip. Are you talking about some sort of function that would transfer the IK chain across to a parent? If so, how do I turn that off?

How are you doing the parenting? In edit mode, by selecting another bone?

Also, did you rotate the bones before doing the parenting? Try drawing out some new hips and see if the same thing happens, wihtout the rotation. I can’t say as I’ve ever experienced bones moving in blender from changing parenting, except when I forgot to turn off a constraint.

The only way I know to parent a bone is going into edit mode, selecting it, press F9 and select the bone I want to be the parent (if there is another way please tell me :slight_smile: ).

I’ll see if I can do it by drawing out new hip bones.

Well, if I just make new hip bones it works ok. But, for this rig I need to parent these hip bones to another bone, when I do this, I get more wierdness :frowning: