Parenting T.Rex

hey all, I followed this tutorial teaching me how to use an IK solver and parent bones to keep my dinosaurs feet in place while I pose him…problem is I now want to animate him and I cant get his body to move without the entire model deforming in the ugliest way you can imagine so I decided to use the same method I used for his feet for his spine cross section (where the pelvic, spine and tail bones meet: +) which kinda works except from the fact that for some odd reason the body won’t follow but instead deforms uglyly…ly…um…

Could anyone here please help me out with this?


hey [A]a[T],

Are you using envelopes to influence your character’s mesh? If you are, then make sure they are scaled up enough (alt+s).

It is also good practice to make sure ‘deform’ is disabled for all bones that are not supposed to be influencing the mesh directly. You can do this quickly and easily by selecting all non-deforming bones, then press ‘shift+w->deform’ to toggle them all off.

Naming your bones properly and using the bone layers to keep them organized is also a good idea :wink:

Sorry I’m sort of new to rigging in blender, I’ve just got my head around how it works in here (I could do it more fluently using Autodesk Maya). How do you mean by ‘Bone Layers’?

I could name all the bone groups but it might mess up my IK constraints as they are linked to Armatures with the names: Bone.103, for example.

I re-wrote the messages in the images above so they are readable.

Oh, I used the Envelopes bones because it looks nicer :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t know they had their own special affect, could someone explain this to me please?

I tried turning off the deform option but I ended up with my model not moving at all as if I just unpainted all my weights but a certain few :stuck_out_tongue:

WOAH WAIT!, I just turned the Deform option off on my neck bone and it fixed the issue I had with the next folding my polygons into each other :smiley: Thank you!!!

But still, how can I set up a single Aramture to control every bone for me to move my dinosaurs body around yet leaving my feet in position ready for me to animate them to catch up with the body (for the walk cycle).

a Maya guy eh? Well welcome to the Blender way of doing things :smiley: lol. It took me awhile to get used to as well, but once you learn how, character development in Blender is very rapid! Case and point: I’ve created a primitive T-rex rig for you in 20 minutes!

This example rig is as basic as it can possibly get. It uses the Auto-IK feature extensively, which is a powerful interactive IK solver for posing bones in FK. Just grab any bone in the character with “g” and move it to see the auto-IK in action. You can adjust the chain length interactively with the mousewheel.

Bone layers are in the edit panel under ‘display options’ - there are 16 buttons in 2 rows of 8. They work the same as scene layers, but within the armature.

Segmented B-Bones are used for the neck and tail, they allow bones to bend and help minimize the amount of controllers needed.

If you want to use envelopes you can. I personally don’t because they offer such little control over their influence. I prefer weight painting instead.

I hope that clears some things up for you. I am currently working on a tutorial series for developing a character in Blender from start to finish, and I hope to cover all of these things in it!


basic_t-rex_FGC.blend (49 KB)

Hey thats a great rig! I can learn a lot from this :slight_smile:
Just one question, when I select the toe bone in your rig to lift up the leg the lower half of the leg shrinks slightly and the foot goes flat =/

Thanks a lot for the help though pal, I notice how fast blender can be, in Maya you can’t just create a new face, edge or vertex by hitting ‘F’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again buddy :slight_smile:

The foot goes flat because of the IK targets. Each foot bone tries to point to it’s target on the ground, so the foot straightens out when you pull the legs away from the foot controllers. But that’s okay because the feet aren’t meant to ever be pulled away from the controllers :wink: Just bring the foot control back up until the position is more natural.

glad it helps :smiley:

Hey thanks man :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of re-rigging my dinosaur, I spent a lot of time with all the weight paints n all but I’ll be honest…it’s messy =/

Tell you what buddy, you fancy having the model to rig yourself and see what you make out of it? I’ll do my own rig but I would love to see the result of what you did to get it rigged :slight_smile:

Well a full character like that represents a large investment of time…

I could make a T-Rex for my first character on my blog, how’s that? :slight_smile: That way I can get paid for the effort, and you will be able to buy the character to study it. Win, win. Are you interested in that idea?

That is a good idea and would be happy to buy it from you, depends on the cost though :wink: I just needed some explanation as to how the pole controllers work and how you did them, I tried but I just can’t figure it out =/
Are those red cubes ‘cubes’ or ‘bones’? I haven’t got a clue how you’ve managed it lol