Parenting the Armature to the object

I am working on animating this creature. When I press CTRL + P to make the armature a parent of the body the option for Armature doesn’t come up. I just get make Parent to Object. I’ve missed a step on the way but can’t figure out what.


Assighnment_4_Completed.blend (195 KB)

In your file, I can do this as usual. Which order did you select things in? Select the mesh first, then Shift+select the Armature, then CTRL+P.

I’m trying to parent it to the armature not the object. I should get two options: Armature or object
I’ll try again

That’s how you “parent” the mesh to the armature, i.e., make the mesh a child of the armature. When you hit CTRL+P, a menu pops up with options for how you want the parenting done. But if select in the other order, it will think you are trying to make the mesh the parent of the armature, which is opposite of what you want.

If you are trying to parent the armature to the object - You selected the armature first, then the object and pressed CTRL-P, this will give you only the option to parent to object, and will parent the armature to the last selected object.

If you are trying to parent the object to the armature - You selected the armature last, this will give you a list of options here, if you simply want to parent the object to the armature and not use any of the deformations, then choose object, which will cause the object to follow the loc/rot/scale of the armature in object mode, not pose mode. The other parenting options will allows deformation, the bone option will allow the object to copy the loc/rot/scale of the selected bone.

hope this helps

That makes sense thanks. Yes I was not getting any options which the tutorial I am following was showing I should have.