parenting things to the mouse cursor.

A while back, I remember seeing a tutorial about attaching thinngs to make new mouse pointers.

anyone know of a .blend or a tutorial covering this?

I am thinking about doing a game like this one:

I am also thinking of a game like the 1979 classic “Missle Command” from atari.

Perhaps later i will try to make one like “Slither” or “Centapeed/Millipeed”…

But alas… I need to glue a mesh over the mouse pointer first…

TIA for any tips and help…

im not exactly sure on parenting but this works…
set the edge of the viewable area on the camera so that it is in the middle of the grid, then add a plane from top view then make it the right size and parent it to the camera
then using the rasterizer to get mouse position x and y set the positiont of the mouse to those coordinates
you will have to multiply mouse coordinates by 0.001 approx. to get the right affect

but you will also have to know the screen resolution so if its variable then you will have to set the multiple to different amounts.

i know there is another way to do this but i cant remember

:wink: hopefully this is understandable.

Hey thanks little bob :slight_smile:
Thanks to Social’s python tytorial, that makes sense to me now :slight_smile:
im going to try it now :slight_smile:

I found a .Blend file as well here:
looks like he is doing like what you said

Here is a quick example I made (I didn’t write the scripts, the scripts are from a very old file):

here is another example made by someone

the link goes to the folder cause it will complain if you go straight to the file :wink:

thanks Arr Matey!! and Siegel (!! )

I am a python script hacker now!!! Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Siegel, can I use those script’s in my game?
I will add a thanks in the credits and for the script headders I can do something like:

#This script by Siegel.

or anything else you want :slight_smile:

All I need is the X one for my game… perhaps I will use both so people can use the mouse in the menu system too :stuck_out_tongue:

TIA :slight_smile:

Thanks but its not my script, its NOR.J’s see here
and by the looks of it he doesnt mind if anyone uses it, just credit him ofcourse. Hope to see another kickass game from u :smiley: