Parenting/Un-parenting objects with keyframes.

Greetings and salutations Blender community, I’m pretty new to this program, and am currently going through the “Noob to Pro” wiki.

I have decided however to use what I know to try and make my first (decent) animation. I have decided making a 3-D checkers game would be a pretty simplistic animation. Any problem that I have had, I’ve been able to find a solution, except for this one:

Whenever I animate a “checker piece” reaching the opponents side, I want him to be kinged. (One checker placed on top of another) Whenever I try and parent the objects at the current keyframe, it just seems to parent the objects altogether throughout the animation, (Beginning and end) completely disregarding the keyframe.

Am I going about this correctly, or is their another method that is used? Any insight would be appreciated.

It would be better to add a Child Of constraint instead of parenting; then you can animate the influence of the constraint.