parenting weight problems

I want my bone to be parented to my object. The reason for this is, i want to move my object by using the object not the bone. The problem is, is that i need the bone to be parented to the object so when i move the object, the bone will move with it. I need to weight paint the object but you cant if it is not parented to the bone…

So how can i make the bone parent the object but be able to weight paint too?

May I ask why you insist on moving your object instead of the armature and let the armature move the object?

The object is about 100 times the size of the armature. It is just one small bone that is doing one small thing.

I was thinking of maybe parenting the object to the small bone and then make the small bone parent to a big bone which be relatively the size of the object (the object is a plane).


Use the armature modifier instead of parenting the object to the armature. Then you will be able to parent the armature to the object.

Ah, thanks, never thought of that.

Hmm… I tried to fix all this and use the armature modifier but for some reason it is making weird things like this. Does anyone know why this happening?


I cant really get into the animation until i full finish this, anyone have any ideas why this happening?


Sorry, I’ve no idea why that’s happening. If you had it working while it was parented, did you try just converting the armature-parent relationship to a real modifier (by clicking Convert in the modifier stack)? As far as I know, it should keep everything exactly the same.