Paris by night

As kind of a newbie, working in Blender for only some months, I was wondering what constructive critique you can give me on this project.


I would give the car transparent or maybe mirroring windows. The car interior can be simple.
And smooth shade the lower layer of the ground (because the corners of the rounding at the front are visible).
But otherwise a very nice and detailed scene :+1:


First of all great work! The scene really works for me compositionally and the textures I think look very good! What I would suggest is to work on the lighting and post processing a little bit. Maybe add some fog or clouds or smoke to give a more spooky atmosphere( CG geek has a great trick on how to do it easily on his forest tutorial). Or if you want a clear sky maybe add volumetrics to add moonlight rays. Also I would suggest to add a glare node to the compositor to add streaks or fog glow since the lampposts look a bit flat to me. See if any of this work for you, I hope I helped! Keep the the great work!

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lamps should lite up the tree and on the ground maybe some wetness effect on the walkways. Beautiful