Paris by night

I’m going to stop now and call this finished.

Cheers! / J


Oooh. Kinda surreal with the daytime semi-clear sky in the background, and the dark rainy foreground.

I saw this on 9Gag. Either you stole it from someone else or you were featured on 9Gag :confused: I am skeptical

Amazing artwork!

Wonderful image.
Some increased displacements applied at the upper parts of the trees would have made this render a top row stuff.

Great work…

Too be honest, the ground and buildings seem too dark for the position of the sun in the HDRi. It’s setting, but everything looks like it’s midnight.
Other than that, good job on everything else.

Awesome, awesome

Really amazing and the sky looks very nice also. And the reflections. Everything is looking very nice.
And like how you got the trees to look like silhouettes. That’s really great. And the light is amazing. Did I say the reflections??
Anyways if you wanted to improve this more ever, I would say I can tell the silhouettes of the trees, that these trees do not have as many branches as a real tree would have. And maybe need some variance on the left hand trees from each other. otherwise nice job!

Amazing lighting, very unique and well done. Not sure about the rainy effect in the foreground though, is that supposed to be blurred rain drops there against the steps? If it’s supposed to be raining there should be more rain effect in the background I would think. I honestly would not have thought it was raining without seeing those drops I am asking about. Because of that it leaves me feeling a bit confused, is it raining is i not? But, perhaps that was part of your intention? It’s not really a big critique though, overall it’s amazing. Looking at it a little more my only other thought would be to say I’d like to see a couple dead leaves hanging from the tree. Also, you might want to clump the leaves a little tighter around the trees, they look a bit too uniformly spread out, just a tiny bit of clumping I think would help.

Anyays, bravo good sir.

edit( One more little thing, the threes should also have more branches, specifically smaller ones.

Great Work

This might sound weird, but this is among the most emotionally affecting images I’ve seen in a while. For some reason it really touches something in me. And it’s also beautiful.

There’s always something that can be improved technically, or in the details–and I could make some critiques along those lines myself. But I wanted to note the above because I think this is artistically very successful, and I think that’s more important.

Awesome work!

i keep seeing this image and focusing my eye on it. it inspires me

Love it man! And the dark yet light lighting feeling in it.

Amazing artwork, dude!
You made this artwork so cool and gorgeous too!

Great work!

One thing: the sun, the god rays and the glare on the street and the roof doesn’t seem to be aligned correctly. The sun should probably be a little to the left. Could just be me though :slight_smile:

I love you use of lighting. Very good work.

Before learing anything about blender i studiet Color Management in high school. The Colors in this work are lovley!

and another thing. When starting the work on this project, did you decide the color athmospare beforehand or was it something that you started to work on as the work was progressing?

Tjena Peter! Before i started i knew what i wanted as far as the colors and reflections and the whole mood of the image. Because thats the whole image really. Its not that hard to modell and isnt very technical in that regard. The whole point of the image is mood and atmosphere. And i also used an old photo my friend took as a reference.