Paris Inspiration - my Entry for blenderguru competition -

Hi all!

Well as I said, Here’s my entry for the competition.

I did not post it there to win, just to play the game and force myself to finish a project for once in my life (haha.)

All blender, even for the postprod and cycles.

I like this image but i’m not totally happy with it. Somthing is missing but I don’t know what :slight_smile:

Anyway, hope u’ll like it however !


i think i know what might be missing…above the trees you should have the Eiffel Tower punching through the skyline :wink:

great image tho!

People are missing! Or even just a sleeping cat in a noticeable position. Or strolling down the central avenue. Something alive. It’s a very nice looking ghost town :wink:

The lighting and mood evoke a kind of fin de siecle placidity, very Victorian-era in general feeling despite the modern clues. Personally I’d turn it into a period costume piece, but that’s just me.

The buildings look just a tad too perfect, though I wouldn’t dirty them up a lot, just maybe find some way to have them look less than fresh-built.

BTW, don’t Parisians drive on the other side of the road? The Stop sign is placed for American traffic. And I think euro-signage is different, but I could be wrong on that, haven’t researched it.

There isn’t any randomness or dirt, I’m not a fan of random dirtiness but it does go a long way in scenes. Great render by the way, is it Bi or cycles- how did you make the shaft of light coming past the building?

I think they drive on the right hand side in France (although Paris is notorious for it’s traffic :wink: ) - not sure whether that’s the same as the US though.

It looks good, and i know what you mean about it feeling like something’s missing, although technically it’s very good :slight_smile: - i might angle the camera a little bit?

I like the rendering,but i think its dry in components of the scene,i mean it might be better if you add some cars,people,and removing the buildings behind these trees since they bring some mess to the scene,then put a smooth grassy terrain instead of putting these trees with keeping 1 tree,and behind this put Eiffel tower,and i think it will be nicer (:.

Thank you!

Nice idea about the tower.I’ll think about it!

I agree with u about the ’ too clean aspect '.

It didn’t look weird to me as I was working on it, cuz you know, when you spend too much time on one scene, you loose objectivity, well this is my opinion!

It DOES needs life indeed, but I suck at caracter modeling , and i’ve never finished a car (yet) so that explain a part of the story :slight_smile:

About the right side : I’m from Belguim , 4hours of Paris, trust me , they drive on the right side, just as we do :slight_smile:

Thank’s for your comment :wink:

I rendered a first image with cycles , and I mixd it with a render i’ve made with the BI internal to get the mist aspect because I really like it, and I search in cycles but couldn’t find it… so I followed this tutorial ( part 6.

I spent lot of time trying to get the lighting I wanted. I’m quite happy with it.

Thank’s you.

Maybe you’re right about the angle, i’ve tried some, but i was ialways getting back to this one so…:confused:

Thank you. You’re right about what I should add, but as I said, to get photorealism, I reaaaally have to practice on cars and human modeling before I put them in this kind of scenes…and i don’t want to download somthing I didn’t model myself…