Paris Sphinx Apartment

Another interior project made with Blender 3.2 and Luxcorerender 2.61
And the integrated Library assets of the engine :
Computer spec : Rtx 2060s + I7 8700k + 32go ram
More Luxcorerender project on my Behance :

Download the blender plugin here :


Lightning is awesome.Looks very natural

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Looking great!
I have not tried Luxrender yet, how does it compare to Cycles? Does it inherit the nodes setup, or do you have to redesign your materials the “Luxrender way”?

It will be very interesting to see Cycles variant with openPG

Thanks !
For most not crazy material setup in Luxcore can read them. You will need to just check an option in the material tab. :

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks Bart , wish you a great weekend too !

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