Parking Lot Video


Looking very well styled. Lighting etc. works very well.
Just downloading it as it streamed like a 3 legged dog and it was a little awkward to watch caching every second or two.

At a first glance, the pillars look very “samey”. Perhaps mix up the textures on there a bit and get some different looks, bumper scuffs on some of them, that sort of thing.
Bugs…bugs around the lights. The lights are nice and bright, the parking lot is dark so a bug or two wouldn’t go amiss.
Kill a couple of the lights, set some to an off white glow to represent the single blown bulb in some of them and have one that flickers annoyingly.
The first light to pass through the front-center would be an ideal candidate for some flickering.

The water on the floor is very nicely done and the painted lines are perfect.

A little bit of bad graffiti? I noticed recently that although there might not be good graffiti everywhere there is a huge amount of marker pen stuff on walls. “Tracey M is a slapper 2004” sort of stuff.

Thread added to favorites. I’ll be interested to see how it progresses.
Good work.


Actually I’ve done this quite some time ago and lost interest in it since… But I’ll see if I can squeeze out some free time and “finish” this project.

What is a “finished” project, anyways?

Talk Aiden or Traitor into letting you put one of their sweet car models in the scene, and you’ve got a kickin’ advert for a rockin’ ride. (I’d give you one of mine, but they’re not ready for something this dramatic, as of yet…)

And yes, I like the idea of a flickering light, but bugs? naw… now some dripping water, maybe. Ever see that fight scene from Highlander in the parking garage of Madison Square Gardens? Electrical arcs/lightning may be a little much, tho… 'd be a heckuva way to introduce a roadster, tho…