parkour ftw!

isnt that about the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?
i whis i could do that kind of stuff too…

I was slowly teaching myself Parkour over the last few months. Then I broke my leg (broke it playing basketball not parkour-ing)

Free running is also cool, flips and whatnot.

man that is cool. the guy reminds me of bruce lee. shame about some of the camerawork though.

lol free running is just branched off parkour to be showy lol but the history of how parkour started is interesting and if u wanna learn u can probably easily find some groups that meet up to learn and practice parkour

It’s neat alright, but I think XMA/tricking is cooler, since it has way more diversity. I mean, most free runners/traceurs have quite a general style going, not much originality. Also the moves are kinda “meh” to watch, only the truly good traceurs are entertaining to watch. And I really dislike the whole philosophy thing of seeing obstacles as chances etc, it just sounds so corny and ehh… somehow wannabe-ish awesomeness.

Tricking takes alot more to get into, it’s not just running over fences and dropping from somewhat high altitudes well eh, neither is parkour but that’s the mainstream parkour people do. Only few out oh hundreds traceurs are really making the sports look awesome.

tricking ->

I did parkour for 2 years, got sick of it, and now I’ve done tricks for three years, and it’s awesome.

Modern tricking has nothing to do with self defense btw

um parkour and tricking are very different. tricking is based more off martial arts ,while parkour was made for evasion purposes in war .Parkour its actualy quite fun u just have to have some imagination while doing it

And I was just stating that I find tricking way more impressing and fun to train. Basically you do the same things over and over in both sports, you drill movements in parkour and in tricking, but the outcome is very different.

Also the fact that parkour is rather dangerous for me since I easily dislocate my patellas when running. Tricking in the other hand is not a problem since you rarely slip or have anything to do with strange surfaces which you do ever so often in parkour.

i guess its a lil dangerous but it only gets more dangerous the better u get at it. ive only had one accident which was falling off a 6 foot wall and landing on my back but i was only sore for a few days

The new movie with David Belle is about to premiere B13 Ultimatum :evilgrin:

i just wanted to say be extra careful with these “sports”… when you see professional do it, you’d think you could do it from the first time… i broke a couple of limbs when i thought this would be easy…

thanks for the link rogper… i loved the first B13 movie…

Yeah me too, it was awesome!
You’re right, it takes years of practice and dedication to reach these guys level… and it’s better make the practice part in a Gym :wink:

I wonder how david belle cam up with this, hmm…

yamakasi! Ohoh the good Old days, Shi* Why Did I stop!

thank for the vid Dude…

your welcome. :slight_smile:
but this is not yamakasi, this is just parkour, those are two completly different things.

David belle actualy didnt come up with it.His grandfather practiced it and he just popularized it .Parkour is an old french war tactic or manuevering whichever you wanna call it .

Isn’t it the one from B13?(the movie)
It was the best french movie. And i went to paris and almost everything, exept the weapons, in the film are REALITY (half of french people has plantations in their garden).Thats why the made the film.

This is pretty cool.


Remember thishappens over a thousand times, before you can do those tricks.

this thread is too old… it brings back memories

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