Parkour Pro The Game DEMO OUT NOW!!!!!!!!! currently a beta
yup its here but not yet finished, the first demo. those who put there name down on the list will get emailed the first coppys and:
we really need someone who is good at movement scripts! urgently!!!
Follow instructions to play

  1. click on your operating system below or play online.
    i have a windows xp/ or other
    i have a mac
    i wish to play online

  2. download, open using .7z and play or just press play online and go for it.

if the online does not work you may have to download the unity player found here:

plz note these are beta and not yet finished, ill sort out the timer script soon.

See Last Page!>>>>>>>
contact ionee if you wish to be apart of parkour pro the game.
were nearly finished the first demo using unity

Wona test the game or be first to play it, even before it comes out???
iv decided to make a list, be much easier for me if you join, then i can make
you as a group, and groups can be easy to contact via mass mail.
heres the link for the account:…&task=register

demo out now!! has its own parkour pro page!
visit here or
see pictures, animations and catchup on the latest news!
also, you can vote to choose where the next scene for the demo should be (in the polls).
only on

contact us here: [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

check out ionees parkour gallery:…y=19&Itemid=65


Keep at it! Also remember to make a character so that you can actually play the game :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

not sure if this is how to do it, so here are some pics.
when i get the basic shape right ill then add detail.

Looks very good. I love the game idea.
If you need help PM me and i will do what i can.

heres an update,
more complex now. ill keep it like this, model the head, hands and feet then texture.

Hey there, as a tracedeur i must say this seems cool, but didn’t you know its kalled “parkour” NOT “parcours”, or if the name is too much of trouble for ya, justr call it “free running” instead.

Oooh, A free-Running game! Nice.


You could try the Suicidator City Engine for building a city quickly. Good idea by the way.

Suicidator City Engine:
is there a site on this or…

yes there is a post, you could search for it here.
btw, you should really change the name parkour already, its spelled way wrong.

thanks for all your comments.
here is a update.

im about to the the, Suicidator City Engine thing.

just tried Suicidator City Engine
it rocks.
is it ok if we use it?

Your man looks good! :wink:

You should defeninitly use that engine.
and still, im doinf parkour, and its not spelled “parcours” its spelled “parkour”

parcours, is a french word were the sport was created. the names probably changed now.
done the hands and stuff.

Once I tried the same (but with a cat as the maincharacter), but I couldn’t programm a good control (maybe I should try it with my gained knowledge…).
I’m looking forward to see your approaches in this field :slight_smile:


Well, “parcours” could be correct word in french but it was changed to “parkour” (phonetic) to internationalize it, I guess.

The term parkour was defined by David Belle and his friend Hubert Koundé. It derives from parcours du combattant, the classic obstacle course method of military training proposed by Georges Hébert.

Too bad they changed it.

ill stick with parcours.
next is texturing

i saw this game and i really liked the buildings.
but to texture a whole city is going to be hard.

yeah mirrors edge is a great game to use as a reference. It the best parkour game out there. also if your gonna use parcours then you would have to use the full name (parcours du combattant) or parkour or it wouldn’t really be correct.
:slight_smile: ill be looking forward to see how this game progresses.

Agree with WWK, but I think the game should be a side scroller, so you can add lots of buildings and you can increase the speed of gameplay.