$: PARQUET GENERATOR - 100% Procedural Shader

Howdy Everyone!

I want to share with you the product I’ve been working on in my free time for almost two years now. This project got me headaches but i couldn’t be more proud of it.
It’s a 100% procedural parquet generator which in it’s first release features 3 customizable floor patterns, a convenient switcher and a 34 settings panel to create the wood texture. The coolest thing (between the others, which are pretty cool too haha) is that this shader is actually a complete pbr textures generator, you can use it with the default principled bsdf node attached to it or bake the maps and use them wherever you want.

So, here it is:

I’d attach the actual product teaser but i guess the demo might be more appropriate here:

At these links you can find the documentation and 18 high res examples of use like the following 3:

Let me know what you think, you can check it out on blendermaket at this link, to be honest I’m still in doubt about the price: someone said it’s “steep”, someone said it’s “really cheap for what it offers”. Actually is pretty hard to pick the right price for a product that took so much time to finish, so i’d be interested in your opinion about this matter too.

Thanks for the time and Happy Blending!

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