Parrenting messes up my object.

Ok, can somebody tell me how to fix this?

The first one is the good one, without parenting, the second is the one that is parented and messed up.


Try applying or clearing rotation after you do it, It might help. Emphasis on Might.

I always thought it helped when I applied rotation before I parented. That’s CTRL + A, if you’re wondering.

Is all the objects that make up the bike supposed to be rigid bodies? If so don’t use parenting use physics constraints (ie. ball, hinge, ect…)

How do I do physics constraints?

They’re in the constraints menu with all the other constraint stuff people use in animation. Only the physics constraints work in the game engine. (look in the animation panels)

Ok, is there a tut I can follow to learn these? some reference? I can’t figure it out

This can happen when the parent and the parented objects were created in two different views. They do not have the same global axis.

The child axis needs to be matched to the parent, before parenting. Its easy to fix once you know how…I will write a tut for it… I have to actually figure it out again, though… to give you the full answer… so get that file to me…

Ok, I got it sorted out, and used the constraints. I have a problem though, when (not if, when) the wheel falls over, the whole thing jerks around and flies off the screen. Can anyone tell me how to keep it from falling over?