Part of An Assigned Texture Showing Up White

Hey, so I’ve been trying a little modelling with Blender for TF2. Anyway, a few days ago I had completed my mesh along with a single texture to go along with it, and all seemed fine. The next time I opened the blender file however, a single face of my object had been deleted, leaving an opening in the object. Since it had happened before I saved and reopened the file, I couldnt undo it. So, I patched the hole with a new face.

Unfortunately, the UV map texture didn’t carry over to the new face, and although the rest of object looks fine in Texture Mode and Render, that one face appears white. So, is there any way to fix the white textured face?


You can edit the UV layout, and reposition the new face to were it belongs (vertex snap can be usefull here).
In case you are using multi-materials, you may need to assign the correct material to your new face.

Or you can also have a look in your auto-save folder (File>Recover Auto-Save), if you have a version of the model prior to the error, and append that model.