Part of mesh not attached and black?

I really have no idea where in my model the problem lies (rigging, texture, meshing, etc.) so I’ll just post it here under modelling.

Here’s an image of the problem I’m having. Apparently the hands of my dragon do not wish to be attached lol. I normal model view (solid & mesh) the hands do what I want, but when I rendered it they remained stationary on the ground, and when I view the model in texture mode they appear black while the rest is white. So confused.

Edit: Apparently I accidentally chopped off part of the feet in the screenshot lol, but you can still see them at the bottom of the image.

it looks like the hands are UV mapped but not joined to an image. and as for why they are not moving, maybe you forgot to rig them? not sure what the deal is there. clearly though, they are not welded to the legs. are you sure they are the same object?

Check that you don’t have two armature modifiers active, one just not currently visible but still renders, and your feet are most likely not uv unwrapped correctly, or their normals are reversed.

Yea they’re one object, and it poses just fine in the 3d view window, so they are rigged. It’s just the render that turns out… disconnected.

I’d attach a .blend file of it, but it won’t let me for some reason.

maybe it has a rogue shape key that is affecting it
(edit) scratch that. that would not explain it now that i think about it.

Make sure that there isn’t any other modifiers conflicting with the armature modifier, also make sure that the armature modifier is at the top of the stack.

Alright, so I changed up the render angle (and pose) and now it gives me this.

It’s possible it was giving me this before and that I just couldn’t see it from the angle, but I’m rather confused over this cause I can’t seem to find the extra ghost feet/hands anywhere in my layers. o.o

Edit: Also, I moved the armature up above all the other modifiers (subsurf only really). And I don’t have multiple armature modifiers.

Anyone have any ideas?

can you upload your .blend yet?

Nope, it just gives me the error: Commission Dragon alternate rig.blend: Upload of file failed.

every single time.

So here’s a download link from Mediafire instead.

checking it out

Go to your outliner and un-hide cube.001, delete it if you don’t need it any longer. You can also hit Alt-H in Object Mode then click the feet and delete them. :cool:

PS: Don’t worry, happens to the best of us :spin::spin::spin::spin:

Oh! That worked, thank you!