Part of my mesh is being deformed by my armature in an incorrect way

I have this astronaut character that I rigged with the Blender add on Auto Rig Pro. I retargeted a Mixamo animation to this character I rigged, an astronaut but the animation isn’t looking right. Everything looks fine except as you can see in the picture

the part of his pants that is right above the back of the boot pokes through the boot when he walks how can I stop this from happening. I’d like a quick workflow so I don’t really wanna have to go to the graph editor and mess with it… if there’s some way where I could use this animation as supplied from Mixamo on this character without editing it and just fix this issue by changing the mesh or a vertex group… I would appreciate it thank you! Here is my dot BLEND file

To fix this kind of mesh clipping you don’t need mess with animation. Problem here is in weightpainting. You should match vertices weights that belongs to pants with those beneath pants, weights should be close to identical so deformations on these parts will match. You can try to fix it with weightpainting tools.

as you can see in the above pictures they are exactly the same I also selected the other bone responsible for moving the leg and they’re the same too those ones are all purple