part of render get semi-transparent


So I though I was gonna give the nodes a try for a change, so I rendered my character in a couple of diffrent layers (both scene layers and render layers) but when I try to do anything in the compositing part. It seems like the goggles on my character is fading out in random places (see image). And only the goggles, not his teeth or head (both on seperate layers). And this annoys me alot since I’ve been following some tutorials step by step and no one seems to bump into the same thing.

I have also tried just mixing the renderlayers without any effect or filter (in case there were some effect that im unfamiliar with) but it didn’t matter.

Someone know what it might be?


Can you reduce the example .blend down to the minimum and post it?


Absolutely, here it is

i find out that the Layer called “Head” is on the 3rd layer, instead the head of your character is on the 1st layer .

that’s for now … i will probably go to sleep right now … :!

edit: i also find out that the mesh called goggle_eye_glass_in has strange normals and no material at all.

good night to everyone :!

layer 3 you say… hm… must have accidently changed that when making the file I posted here, but even with the head on the right layer it gets transparant :confused:
And the inner lens thing not having a material, is just to block out visibility inside his glasses (don’t really feel like making eyes atm haha)

This looks like it…

Ok thanks, but unfortunately I didn’t understand a single thing in that node tree haha, just don’t know why it seems to be so complicated with just this file and no one else’s :S

And thanks for your effort, but I think I’m gonna stick with just DOF or something on this one and practice nodes on my next project.