Part-time consulting project: deposition of sandstone

We are looking for a part-time paid consultant who can help us use the Bullet Physics Library (potentially as accessed by Blender Game Engine) to simulate the deposition of sandstones. Our initial goal is to create sand grain packs consisting of thousands of realistic (which is to say fairly complex and individually unique) grain shapes that have packing densities and contact properties comparable to what we observe in sand packs that we have created in the lab.

We seek someone who has plenty of practical experience in applying Bullet rigid body dynamics to problems involving interactions among hundreds of complexly shaped bodies. An issue of particular significance is ensuring that mesh and collision shapes are as consistent as possible so that we obtain realistic packing arrangements while deriving accurate solid geometries, contact properties, and volumetric results. It would be useful if you could provide us demos illustrating your work with Bullet.

We anticipate that the initial project will be of moderate scope. The work may be done remotely and could begin immediately although we would like to kick off the project with a planning meeting at our office in scenic Durango, Colorado if possible. If things go well there will be opportunities for additional work.

If you are interested please send me a PM.

i would definitelly recommend
they are the top blender gurus in the world, i know them first hand, the wont dissapoint you.

Thanks very much for the suggestion! I’ll check them out.

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