Parthenon Project

I’ve been using blender for about three months and I’ve decided it’s time for a project. I’m going to model the Parthenon and the surrounding acropolis. I’ve just gotten underway, but here are pics of the columns and the grass I’m going to use:
A view of the column top.
Grass used on the acropolis.

Good luck! It took the Greeks more than 10 years to build the thing… :smiley:

The grass looks a bit stiff… And the stone is quite shiny. I have never seen the building in real life though.

im doing a project on greece in school! is there anyway i could help?!?!:smiley:

are you building the newly constructed parthenon or the partially crumbled parthenon? either way the stone should be pretty dull.

cant wait to see more :smiley:

I’m not worrying right now about textures… just the structure.

Also a guy called Paul Debevec worked on it but he used a laser scanner instead of blender :wink:
This is a must see!