Partial Preview GeomNodes Network

I’ve a question about the node editor fo geom nodes.
Is it possible to preview a part of a geom nodes network like in the shader editor?

I’ve seen that there is a ctrl+shift+LMB that ad a Viewer node but I still see the result of the whole network, not just where I’m interested.

Thanks a lot

Alt-Shift-LMB. Repeat to cycle outputs.

Good luck.

it works but not completely.
When I press again Alt-Shift-LMB nothing change and it still preview the node I’d like to check.

I have to undo or manually delete the added node for the preview, to come back to see the whole network.

where am I wrong?
I mean… If I’ve understood your “Repeat to cycle outputs” correctly, it should mean that when I want to preview a specific node I press that keys combination and if I want to preview the whole node network I should press again that keys combination.

No, I meant like for nodes/node-groups that have more than one geometry output you repeat to cycle outputs…

You still need to tab out and hunt down the final node and alt-shift-click that to see the whole network again… so it’s not great but at least you have a way to “probe” your network.

Good luck.

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Ok. Clear.
thank you!