Partial Redraw?

Does anybody know where Partial Redraw is in version 2.57b?

Im watching a tutorial and the guy turns it on when there are too many polygons for the computer to handle. While in sculpt mode, he selects it under the small “sculpting” tab in the bottom left corner of the screen. When I look under mine I don’t have it. Did he have a plugin or something?

edit: this is the link to the tutorial. I’m having a lot of trouble because his screen is set up so differently than mine is. I know how to move windows around, but it seems to be more than that. Can somebody help me out?

-it’s Blender 2.48, while functions are mostly the same, the interface (same as in 2.49b) is very very different from the current version of Blender 2.57b
-in 2.49b that’s the “rounded” theme in the user preferences, the default time is greyer
-Partial Draw can be activated in the Sculpt menu when you are in Sculpt Mode in 2.48/2.49b
-this is from the comments a personnal version of Blender he compilled with the Clay patch (that was excellent)

As graphicall has deleted nearly everything from the past, you can get a 2.49 build for window 32 with the Clay patch added (works great) i had from graphicall from the time it was always hosting it (it’s not my build) uploaded here :

Note that 2.57b (and Onion branch of it at graphicall) has a much better and improved Sculpt mode, and if you want to sculpt in Blender, it’s better using those versions.

It is as if a light has been turned on in a dark garage with sharp objects everywhere… and I was fumbling around, trying to find the switch…

Thank you. I’m going to stick with the new sculpt mode… I have 2.57b