partial subsurf

i want to modify with subsurf a part of an object. but only a part. even by selecting only those vertices the whole object gets subsurfed.

Sorry . . . no local subdivision, that I know of.

As a workaround, you could just separate part of the mesh, subsurf it, then reattach. Of course, you would have to manually stitch together (many?) verts.


Me neither.

Another possibility would be to use edge creases on the edges of the part you don’t want to smooth. However, that might need some experimentation as well…

Yep, creases are certainly a way to go - select the edge you want to be hard, press Shift-E, and type 1 to get a fully creased edge. Of course, you can experiment with not so harsh creasing. Select the edge, press Shift-E and type -1 to remove all creasing.
I seem to remember there being some debate a couple of weeks ago about whether UV texturing worked very well over creases, but nobody actually seemed to know in the end…:wink:
Also, often when creasing I actually crease a different edge to what I mean to - it takes some thought, but it’s very flexible actually.

I’m way late on this post, but you can try subdivide-smooth

W–>Subdivide Smooth --> Leave it at 1

In Lightwave and Modo you can mix subdivision and regular polygons. No need to add unnecessary geometry that can increase render times, make your viewport more sluggish or make UVs a bigger pain to deal with.