Partical Effects ??

(azrael) #1

I am trying to make a waterfall, and I was wonder if the following things were possable:

  1. Can you parent metaballs and partical system, so the partical system pumps out metaballs? (to make the drops look like water)

  2. Can the particals curve, as in having an arcing path? (cos water coming off an edge at fast speeds curves when falling)

(VelikM) #2

MetaBalls parent/duplivert just fine (publisher 2.25) in the particle system, to make the flow for the waterfall parent the particle emiter to a lattice.

(haunt_house) #3

it also works for creator 2.23

create your emitter. create a particle system for your emitter. create a metaball and parent it to the emitter. turn on dupliverts for the emitter in the anim-buttons. voila. But prepare for a hell of a rendering time.

and you can let the particles bend, if you play with the x, y and z forces in the particles menu (lower left part).

I remember how they did the waterfall in episode one. They mainly used animated textures.


(klopes) #4

I made a tutorial, maybe helps you. I use textures, metaballs requires a very fast computer for me, i think. Take a look, maybe you like:

(Killgore) #5

Try looking at the green liquid on this page:
If you look at the particles they are falling as a waterfall.