partical fire help

i was wondering how would i get particals to make a flame like the one of a blow torch? to get it in a triangle shape?

Parent it to a lattice and shape the lattice.


ok lattice that sounds familair but forgot what it is and how to do it oh and another thing well 2 . 1 Thanks. 2 how do i make a curve ?

for the lattice, just make it taper off to one side in approximation of a cone/pyramid. Put the emitter at one end and make it the child of the lattice (select both and make sure the lattice is the active object, signified by a brighter pink, then CTRL-P to make it the parent). The emitted particles should follow the general contours of the lattice while they are inside of it. Play with the particle settings and the shape of the lattice until you get your desired effect. You may have to press Recalcall in the particle buttons to get the emitter to recognize changes to the lattice.

As for the curves, what do you mean exactly? To add a bezier or nurbs curve, just hit space then ADD->Curve->and select the type.