partical/softbody animation ???

hi, want to make a box with hundrands of cubes in it, that all move when i move the box.

i’ve inclosed a test file with a few cubes(softbodys) in it, but is there a easer way to make this for a lot of cubes without duplicating the cubes manualy. like with particels? and how do i do this.

thanks a lot.


winkelkar softbody test.blend (150 KB)

You can use particles and in the visualisation panel select Object and add the name of one of the cubes in the OB box. Each particle would then be one of your cubes.
I personally would use the game engine to record the movement of the cubes when running a simulation. I believe the effect will be more realistic with minimal cube intersections

hi i’ve added a part sys, but i got 2problems now, 1) how do i get the particals to act like softbodys and 2) how do i get the part to deflect themself when they collide



winkelkar softbody test2.blend (196 KB)

While self-collide of particles is not possible, here is an alternate attempt. I am not sure of your exact goal?

I created 100 cubes using the array modifier.
I applied the modifiers so they become a single mesh.
I made that mesh a soft body.
I weight painted the mesh randomly.
I added an empty to the scene and added a wind with fall off.
I animated the empty to move through the cloth, then back again.


wind_cube_array_cloth.blend (219 KB)

waw thants an intresting ideer, well the purpus for this experiment is the following: i’ve made a chariot (see image) and a lamp (see image). and now i what to animated a chariot full of lamps realisticly without animating 100 of lamps induvidualy.
do you think i can pull this of with that tecniek?



I’d use the game engine to record the physics
A quick demo I put together to show the basic effect. You set up a simulation so the bulbs fall in the cart and the cart as an animation set to make it move when the bulbs have fallen in it.
Blend file (with recorded physics in the ipo editor so large file size 6.2MB)
Video of result (video not a smooth as in the 3d view because of screen capture)

that was exacty what i needed. i’ve just looked up how to record in the game engine because i’ve never worked with it before. i’ve only got one more question before i can start. dit you copy paste all those bulbs or did you use an array of particals.

thanks very very much because that really helped.

I initailly made an array and then made them real but there weren’t enough so I just duplicated them a few times and moved the duplicates up a bit. Even starting with just one and duplicating to give 2 then duplicate these to 4 then duplicate to give 8 etc you can get to thousands within a minute so no big deal how you create them. The only important thing is that the original must be set up in the logic settings. The useful thing with just duplicating is that you can make linked duplicates so if you need to change the bulb later you only need to change one, not all of them individually.

thanks very much,
i think i will be abel to make my animation now

thank you thank you thank you Richard Marklew and you to Atom

@Richard: That is sweet.

I noticed something odd. If I turn off record game physics and press P-Key to play the physics simulation I get a different result. With Record Game Physics to IPO turned off, the simulation is way out of control. Turn it on and it looks fine.