partical up, partical..... Still going up?!?!

(dawonn) #1

3 hours ago i came here wondering if eslun had a fourm that i could ask a question on, i’ve been tooo happay to read all the other posts i for got my question untill now.

Can i make particals go up and then back down? or make them dynamic? or i heard somting about metabals… do i need 2 sets of particals possably? and i also read about a plugin somone here is creating for dynamic partiacls, what’s going on with that?
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(Bapsis) #2

Heya Dawonn,

I’ve done this before, and it took me a sec to re-figure out what it was that i did. Try this:

Have your partical emmiter going in the normal -Z to get your downward flow, now set the Norm button (just above your forces) to a lesser value. Say if you have your -Z force to 100, try 120 on the Norm button. Use the Norm depending on where you want the fallback to occur. A greater value will make them go up quite high before it comes back down, a lesser value will make it come down quite soon.

Anywayz, hopefully that helped, if not let me know and i will try to explain it better for you. :wink:


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(dawonn) #3

AHHA!, at first i didn’t get it, but i got it now! thanks! :o 8) :smiley:

(Bapsis) #4

No worries, glad i could help. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!