Particle Alpha

I would like to have particles start out at their emiter with an alpha value of 0 and slowly gain alpha as they travel away from the emiter. I tried using a blend texture with a colorband, but I could not get it to work (maybe I did not map it correctly?). How exactly do you do it?

Set keys in the alpha channel of the material.

I believe the way it works with particles is this:

The frames from 1 to 100 represent the life of a particle, rather than actual frames of an animation.

So if you set an alpha of “0” in frame 1 for the emitter and then set an alpha key of “1” in frame 100, each particle will go from 0 to 1 over the course of it’s individual lifetime.

OK, so any keyframes are applied to each particle when it is emitted from the emitter. They are not absolute. Thanks for the help.