Particle and exploder modifier

Hi everyone! I have a problem with blender actually. I need to make a spaceship to explode, so I added a particles emitter with all the right values. Wehn I press alt+a, I see my spaceship exploding and all the materials flying around (with the particles). Until here, everything is fine. But when I click “Anim” or when I simply render, my spaceship isnt there. There is white particles and parts of my spaceship flying around. The problem is that the parts of the spaceship doesnt disappear, even when I change de “life” value. I would like to know how to make everything disappear from the scene after an amount of time.

I hope it was clear and thank you a lot!

In your particle system, if you don’t want to see the particles, choose “None” in the visualisation panel, but don’t forget to enable “Render Emitter” in order to see your spaceship.
In the explode modifier, enable Unborn, Alive and disable Dead, so the pieces of your spaceship will disappear according to the Life parameter of the Particle System.

ok, thank you!

huh, sorry again, but someone know why there is those little bars in my explosion when I render?

that looks pretty weird, does the whole render come out like that? try adding a plain cube next to it and do a render to see if it’s a specific problem with the emmitor, or perhaps a problem with rendering. also, check your render settings, maybe check to see if you might have checked ‘fields’ ‘RGBA’ or ‘key’, which might create something like that, well, it’s just a bizzare theory actually. but see if you can isolate the problem.

I tried many things, but it just happen the objects with a particles emitter or a displace modifier. I also subsurfed my object many times, and tried every render size (HD, full, ntsc, pal, etc.) I don’t know what’s the problem…

Have you tried disabling field rendering?

wow thank you, I didn’t even notice it was activated :no: