Particle animation strangely stops and pops

Hello Guys,

I Have a particle animation, two emiters, one, just explode some instances and the other emit the instaces continuously while is animated traslating from one side to another. But suddenly they stop and the instances make a strange jump into another position. As you can see in the video:

I think this may be something easy to fix. I´ve baked and recalculated the particles several times. I´ve set Disk Cache and still don´t solve this problem. Thank you guys for your help.

Have you tried updating Blender?

Yes, It I´m using 2.68. The Particle object works fine when it is on it´s own file, but when I link it to the scene, It stops working at frame 55 or so, and make that strange jump to (looks like) another particle animation.

I was having this problem as well. I think my solution was to just delete that particle system, and remake it. And then DO NOT CTR+Z undo. That was apparently the problem. I think I also read somewhere that undoing with either physics or particles is bad.