Particle Animation

I have just finished a particle animation and would like the communities response. i am not that good at the particle system so its not brilliant.
sorry about the quality.


NIce work…I like the camera move :slight_smile:

Wow looks really nice. For a person that is not good at particles could of fooled me. I especially like the part where you zoom out and see a huge sphere of particles. Great job man!

nice job…
i’d just like to see a change of colors in the particles.
Other than that it’s perfect…
Maybe after you finish adjusting the color you could sync it to music. It would rock.

Sweet stuff man. Looks quite pro.
Reminds me of a MTV (or VH1, I forget which) commercial I have seen.

That’s great. I don’t know much about particle animation, but this looked pretty darn professional to me.

The only crit I can offer is that I agree with trak wrecka. I think some kind of color change would add some interest.

how do you change it, you see when i do it only chanfges the colour of the first particles which by that time have left the screen.

AWESOME. Add different colors, put iPods in front of each stream, and you’ve got the next iPod commercial. I like how it looks 2D then the camera moves to show dimension. Looks professional to me.