Particle Bake displacement (Error in position)

Hi there,

I have been mucking around in blender and have made a volcano as a part of a 3D Skybox for my game.
I would upload the .blend file if needed, it’s just the baking took me a while so I thought pictures would be more efficient in communicating the problem.

Here is the Baked Particle emission in 3D view with points as particles:

Looks decent enough, then when I render the image this occurs:

As you can see the displacement is off but the baking was in the correct position.

Briefly, this is my first intimate project in blender. I have modeled on smaller less detailed levels before but I am hesitant to push anything because I am not an expert on this program. (Everything seems like the big red “DO NOT PRESS” button).

Should I just rebake? (hours) or is there a quick fix?
I did press the “Bake all dynamics” button, and I don’t really know if that matters or not.

Thanks for your time,