Particle based explosion.

Not sure how soon I’ll come back to this, but happy with the fireball part. The smoke trails need to fade a lot more and be reworked in general, I’d also like to get debris flying out on the ends of the trails, but that might be getting into the realm of a python expression or two. Still getting the hang of particles in general so it might be simpler.

Bounce Tumble and Splash - recommended!

There are two particle systems, both with display mode set to ‘object,’ which is a sphere with some displacement, (one sphere per particle system). The main Psys is the firey explosion, with a high random size variation of the particles and mass dependant on their size. There is then a fairly high (air) Drag setting so the large fireball parts stay in the centre and the smaller parts shoot out.

The second system is a ‘Reactor’ not an emitter and is used for the trails. There is a sphere “blend” material mapped to a large blob shaped object the size of the ‘fire’ which is used as the blending amount between a fire material node and a smoke material node. That is what makes having fire on the end of the ‘trails’ a little interesting. Not out of ideas yet though. I will probably split it into three particle systems. One main one with large, high mass particles for the ball, a second one with low mass, fast, small particles for the fire chunks shooting out and a third reactor particle system attached to the second for the smoke trails.

I’d post the .blend as it would be simpler to look rather than understand my ramble, but I figure I may as well push it a little further first.

This looks great so far, hope you post the blend as I’ve had some trouble trying to get a similar effect with particles.

Cool looking. speed needs better,

the ones in speed racer don’t even look that great!
no clue why i watched that dumb movie…

It looks life a piece of really buttery popcorn with burnt pretzel sticks coming out…

Oh great, now you made me hungry.

now that i think of it.
an explosion looks alot like that, purple. :stuck_out_tongue:

PurpleMint - Given that the corn basically ‘explodes’ into popcorn from the amount of heat, I guess they are very alike in general. Much better than the thought of it looking like burnt cauliflower, which was my first thought.

poke - there is still more I want to do to tweak stuff, I figure I may as well improve it first then share the .blend, means I can get my head around what I’m doing better and explain better too.

blenderman345 - true, if I play it in quicktime with the fast forward down it looks much better.

zymn - cheers. My mate describes that movie as not being colourful, but COLOURFUL! Yells it every time…

amazing !

But I think it will be better with more gravity.


yeah, adding gravity to the spike… things… would make it look better. and maybe have them fade and get smaller a little as they get longer. try finding actual videos of explosions. i think that would help alot… but, i still like it even now. geez, i wanna eat that explosion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nice, especially at the beginning.

A few suggestions:

-Gravity, as already mentioned.
-Perhaps fewer “trails”, or at least vary them in size.
-Speed the whole thing up a bit, it looks sort of slow-motion.
-How does it finish? Is there an end to this explosion or would it require a cut to another scene?:stuck_out_tongue:

Very good so far.

EDIT: By the way, I would indeed love to examine this blend. I never would have thought of doing trails via changing the air resistance. It’s all part of the same system this way… brilliant.


I did genuinely intend to come back to this method and write a tutorial when I was happier with it. Got a specific request for the .blend recently so I figured I may as well upload the file as is.