Particle Brushes like in Substance

Hey guys! Yesterday I was on and I found an interesting video:
Substance is a texturing programme. The guys that made this programme had a really nice idea. They created particle brushes. With them you can make your models look like they have been shot by lasers or like something has leaked over them and so on. We need that in Blender, too! It would be a great feature, that would not just make Blender more popular, it would make much more useful! Is there a way we can accomplish that? I never tried programming and dont know how and so on. But are some guys here that are skilled enough to do that? It would be just great!

You might be able to contrive something like that using Dynamic Paint.

Something like this is not this. Yes you could do something with the dynamic paint, but its not painting like with a real brush in the texturing mode.

Have you toyed around with Substance Painter’s particle painting? This is nothing more than an opinion, but it’s really not as impressive as the video makes it look. Maybe by the time the application’s out of beta this feature will have a lot more going for it. My $0.02.

What I dont like about Allogoritmic (or whatever their name) is that they put a “commercial” tag to the product and raise the prices to triple the amount they ask for indie version. And if you are using “indie (cheap) version” and by some chance your game makes a revenue higher than 10.000 you have to buy the commercial upgrade.

Whatever the details of the greedy “licence play” they have its not worth it. I was curious and was going to buy substance painter since it was on sale then saw this commercial / indie stupidity and backed away. We dont need another AD in the market… I’ll stick to Ps Blender.

Nothing like it could be done in Blender until we have reactor particles in any case. The whole basis of Painter is the principle of particles spawning particles which we haven’t had since 2.49.

Yii7, you can’t really believe this. AD only now started offering something like an ‘indie license’, and it’s 50 euros a month for a gimped version of Maya.

Allegorithmic’s software (Substance Painter, Designer, …) can be had for that amount of money, paid only once.

They’re not making the software more expensive for bigger companies, they’re making it cheaper for indies. All other comparable software goes for much higher prices, so I urge you to reconsider your opinion of them. Especially since you mention Photoshop, which goes for much more money than Substance Designer. Ofcourse that’s apples and oranges, but nevertheless it’s not exactly peanuts for an indie company.

Its just my opinion. It a personal point of view. I’m not going to comment on AD “LT” nonsense, I personally have no respect nor sympathy for that corporation. About the substance stuff, I also use PS for drawing/painting and its not like the “substance” products do anything other than texture & material creation. The “commercial” products of allegorithmic are over priced imao, and this indie/commercial license trick is just greedy from my point of view (They are walking on the steps of AD). I was going to buy the indie package but I would rather give that money to Blender fund.Cheers.

But why did they remove the reactor particles if they were so useful? Is there a way to bring them back? Or will they be brought back to Blender?

The entire particle system was refactored and then abandoned. It’s currently mostly orphaned code, but Lukas Tonne is working on modernizing it within the 2.7 cycle.

Orphaned??? Abandoned??? Why the hell do they release useless Blackbody bla bla bla Cycles updates then??? Couldnt they have done it before? I actually always thought, that im very bad in Blender, because I never could do something i wanted (with particles). And where can I see what Lukas Tonne already did? Does he have a youtube channel or something like that?

Because a render developer doesn’t necessarily know anything about particle system coding. If there were a coder who knew how to do particles, it wouldn’t be orphaned. You can’t just plop any given programmer down in front of a computer and tell them to code a particle system.

@Knabbermaus please more respect for DingtO, who coded the Blackbody code for cycles…
He is doing a wonderful job with his additions…
SO think before you write

First time I saw the video I thought inmediately on trying something like that with Blender´s dinamic paint and particles. Maybe we can manage to have something not as accurately as this specialized soft but, you know, something usefull to ageing props and stages for example.