Particle Bursting - Firing bursts of particles instead of full auto

Hey all. Long time since I’ve been here and sce I’ve used Blender so I decided to get back into the thick of things by messing around with myfavorite part of Blender, the particles. Even after seeing that reactor particles hadn’t been implemented in 2.57 (:rolleyes:), I decided to go on anyways.

So, long and short of it, I like using the particles to make lasers, and the whole “be able to make your own explody stuff” is what drew me to blender originally. Now, particles are great for this, but the problem is creating a sortof burst effect with the particles, using the same particle system.

I’ve manged to get results like this, but it involved using multiple particle systems on the same emmiter. For instance, burst one would be five or six shots, and occur between frames 25 and 32. Burst two would be ten shots, and be on frames 145 to 160. Each individual burst would be a seperate particle system, but tied to the same emmiter. So you’d end up with something like this:

(GUN)=== --------- -----
particles from sys. 1 particles from sys. 2
direction of lasers —>

Setting something like this up with only one particle system I think, would save a fair amount of time, and if anything, reduce the amount of particle systems that need to be managed.

If anyone has some insight into this, please don’t hesitate to answer. In the meantime, I’ve got some other ideas to mess around with that I have and will probably need more help with, so expect more!

This will be a lot easier in the future. Currently you cannot animate the emission :frowning:

I have tried playing around with this too. You can keyframe the Lifetime attribute, which will shoot bursts when you dial it up and down. Unfortunately, the attribute can’t be set below 1, so your emitter sputters when you dial it down.

I think you have to roll back quite a ways (in Blender versions) to get back the ability to animate particles in the fun ways you are talking about…
There are two things I can immediately think of that are sorely missed by insignificant me, and I have little hope for them coming back any time soon:

  1. animating/keyframing emission rates
  2. animating particle properties via the 0-100 frames method (Jahka seems to be wanting to use images/textures instead for this, which strikes me as an odd direction/choice)

[unwarranted curmudgeonry]I wish I shared GottfriedHofmann’s optimism, but I fear you’re going to have to break out GIMP to make up a .gif to control your emission rate… [/unwarranted curmudgeonry]
In my dreams of how life should be, I’d give a shot to the Open Source mantra of “code up or shut up”, and see if I make heads or tails of blender source to try to play with things (and maybe get an understanding as to why Jahka is going a different way)…