Particle City

I know this concept’s old, and has been covered in Blenderguru as well as CgCookie (maybe), but after leaving ‘The Magnificent’e City’ thread, I decided to make my own city for the movie. Most of the shots take place at night, so it made sense to overly use night textures, and the particle system that works so darn good with objects.

What you’re seeing is basically textured buildings with Normal Maps, and Diffuse Maps. I found that by tweaking Diffuse maps a little, you could basically create Emit maps, defining where light will come through in the mesh.

After a day, here’s where I am. I’ve basically attached nodegroups to every section of the building that needs to be textured individually, thus some parts are still pink (roof, bottom section of each building). I have still to do the minor details. In the center, stands the Petronas Towers, with all texture maps applied, DNBSO, exception of Emit maps.

Here are the renders/screenshots. I’ll post my progress on this thread.


looks good. the fully lit bldg is an easy to spot repeating element though. I would change up the texture so it doesn’t stand out so much.

I’ll work on it today, Modron.

it looks like it exploded with all of the glare

I know it won’t look odd to Americans since everything seems to be on a grid layout there, but when I went to Kuala Lumpur I don’t remember a grid pattern of roads and buildings. It was a warren of angled streets n such, i’d say chaotic, but remembering the state i’d probably been in… well… Anyway i’d say throw in some juxtapositions :wink:

it isn’t supposed to be Kuala Lampur. I wanted to throw in a landmark :(.

The easiest I could model was the Petronas towers.