Particle collision problem (can't setup to deflect)


I have made the “jet-engine” tutorial, but run into a problem when I setup the deflector objects; not really acting as they should be. Look at the picture.
There is an inner circle as the emmiter, and simple planes around it are should be the deflectors.
Normals are properly setup (to inside) on the planes.
(Also, in the tutorial file are neither works the deflectors, which is weird.)
I use 2.49b.
Can someone tell me what’s the problem and what should I do?
Thank You.

(Attached the .blend file (which is just a test scene) for checking.)


particle-proba2.blend (580 KB)

It looks like your particles are not going through but it is the glow of the particle halo. You could try decreasing the size of the halo, but this might not give the effect you want. You could put another cylinder inside your deflectors with a slightly smaller radius to act as collision object.

Ahham, thanks.