Particle collision with Rigid Bodies?

Hi guys,
I am working on an animation and I need particles being shot from a turret to hit a group of boxes. I know how to make the particles actual objects, but I don’t know how to give them physics and how to give them the same launch movement they had when they were particles

Is this possible?

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Thanks Fweeb, after I posted I cursed myself for not posting in here!
I’m gonna try the script soon

This doesn’t work for some reason. The script, when used, deletes the cannon’s cylinder barrel and replaces it with an empty, which I can’t have, and the rigid body projectiles go for about 1 blender unit and then stop moving. In my simulation this is about the length of the cylinder

I think script still works and your emitter is just hidden, check original particle life time and rigid body cache end frame
show me a blend if you want some help

My particle setup is all good. I have everything setup, including the particle’s rendering, and all I need is for these damn particles to work :wink:

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Dang, that is a nice script Liero, it worked for me.

@NeroReav: You do have your mesh based particle source set to an Active Rigid Body before you run the script, right…?