Particle collisions not rendering...???

I’m a newb to Blender and I am trying to learn particles. I have an animation that uses planes for particle collisions which shows up fine when I preview (ALT+A). When I render to video the particles don’t seem to use the physics and the particles pass right through the objects. How do I render the animation to look the same as the preview, where collisions are working?

I have attached the blend file for those that think they can guide me…
(this is my first time using this forum and I didn’t see my attachment when previewed, so I’ll re-add if it doesn’t show up)


particles.blend (408 KB)

I don’t see my attachment and I’ve tried uploading 3 times (even tried uploading jpegs, hmmm)

Looks like the upload functions don’t work in FFox for me…completed the upload via IE

Have you tried baking your particles before rendering?

I have tried baking the particles, but still gave the same result… I posted my blend file if you could take a look it would be much appreciated! I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why it doesn’t mimic the preview…

You can’t see the particles in the render because they have a halo material, while the material for your plane has Z-transparency activated. Blender has never been able to render Halo materials in front of z-transparency, because halos are a cheap z-buffer hack. Change either the particle render material or the plane material.

One messed up scene. You are rendering to an AVI filename with TARGA output. Also you have fields enabled. But you are correct, even after baking those particles do not show up in an animation.

However, if you change your particle type to object and supply a cube or sphere mesh, rebake the particle system, they do show up.


particles.blend (411 KB)

Thanks guys

@Atom I’m not sure what you mean by “supply a cube or sphere mesh” Can you maybe elaborate? I know the scene was messed up but I am a newb doing my best!