Particle Cube

I didn’t play around for a while with the game engine. Coursework, work and lag in sparetime stopped me a little to play around with Blender and it’s game engine.

But today I had some times to do some simple things. I found an old particle texture from one of those particle effects game engine files, and tried to do something with it.
I came up with the idea to let a few empties follow the path of a cube, rotate the camera and there we go, a nice particle cube which looks quite futuristic.
I thought well let’s share it and see what other people come up when playing around with particle effects. :slight_smile:
You can play around with it, it’s fully open to customise.

My next idea it so use Python to make those empties move around. Not sure how I’ll do that but it’s worth a try.

Wow thats a nice effect. It really looks like there is a cube there when in reality there isnt.

Interesting idea, got some tricks myself.