Particle density controlled by volumetrics

Hey guys,

i’m new to blender, after using 3dsmax for several years and then doing absolutely no 3d stuff for some more years.

Currently i’m trying to create a volumetric/particle galaxy. I’m at the very beginning, experimenting with volumetric nebula. Being satisfied with what i’ve got so far, i wanted to add some stars. For this i wanted to use a particle system.

Since i knew that particle density could be controlled by a texture, i was sure it could also be controlled by the volumetrics i used, but after days of trying things, i’m not so sure anymore. Google didn’t help either.

Does this work at all? And if so, how?

Here’s what i got so far, i want the particles to appear only where the volumetric nebula is. (Its a simple subdivided cube with a volumetric shader, if that helps).

Any help would be appreciated!

Watch this one.
Smoke Flow Force Field @ ~ 6:36…

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Nice, thanks a lot!

Haven’t considered using smoke simulation so far, because i wanted it to be as fast and easy as possible. So far, all of the nebula is just a shader. But since it seams like i can achieve the effect i’m after with this, i guess i’ll just redo it with smoke!

Thanks again!

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